Sold my first company to a NASDAQ-listed one and since then created 5 others in USA, UK, Brazil, and Spain (father diplomat). Thus, I am called to analyse and mentor startups based on biotech, AI, and high tech in general

Lately my focus has been Deep Learning, Big Data, Robotics, and Genomics

Right now I lead in UK TeknTrash, which basically obtains data from trash. To that end, regular people register at our portal and take pictures of their consumer products before throwing them in the trash. Companies then register at and consume that data, geolocating where their products ended up in order to compare it with their sales efforts This allow consumer product companies know their consumers better, avoid stock, use alternative plastics, resize better the packaging, focus their sales, know how long it took for the product to be consumed, and encourages people to recycle. Also, CEO of Alkol Biotech. Currently, the only provider of sugarcane in Europe, from our fields in Motril, south of Spain. The idea is to provide feedstock for cellulosic ethanol providers.

I have 4 books published on technology and I taught Big Data and AI at EAE Business School in Madrid.

You can see some of my projects at

My servers at home

Here, the servers that used to serve this page (now at IBM Cloud)

I used to have this monster at my home: a 3-server rack with a 12-disk HD array.

Why, you say? So I could experiment with new technologies in a full bare metal enviroment: a much more realistic and hands on experience than a cloud or a virtual OS in a laptop

In fact, I pride myself of being an autodidact. And, to be honest, I've always preferred to hire people with this level of thinking.

Check out my book on Big Data at Amazon


Master’s degree Computer Engineering University of South Florida (USA) 1990-1992

I am invited to speak on topics such as Big Data, Genomics, IT, etc. Some examples:
1 – Produtrak - Using machine learning to recognize products at the disposal site (Ukraine, November 2018) -
2 – Big Data applied to the new BIS banking rules for the EU (Ukraine, September 2017) -
3 – Genomics and Big Data (London, 2016) -

Courses (as professor)
1 – EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial (Spain) -

Books published
1 - E-Commerce: Marketing na Internet - Published in 1998 in Brazil when the internet was barely starting
2 - Propaganda e Midia Digital - Published in 2000 on digital advertising
3 - Big Data - Hands-on manual A no-nonsense approach at big data

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