Let's truly think different.
Or at least let's not claim we do

Founded 5 companies in 4 different countries. Published 5 books. Speaker in numerous events. And always offering a different approach.
Lately my focus has been Deep AI, Robotics, and Genomics.
With AI, I founded a company which uses computer vision to identify household disposed products
With Robotics, I developed a robot which followed light, a CD recording totem, etc
Finally, with genomics, I worked with comparative genomics in order to find promising DNA strands in sugarcane


I published 5 books on IT, biofuels, and sci-fi in english, spanish, and portuguese


I founded startups in UK, Spain, Brazil, and USA, and actually lived in over 10 countries

TeknTrash - CEO (Active)
Founded in 2020 in UK

TeknTrash obtains data from trash

To that end, TeknTrash created Stipra.com: a service which rewards people for recycling while allowing companies to obtain valuable consumption data

This allows consumer product companies know their consumers better, encourages proper recycling, and creates a source of income for vulnerable people

Selected by the WEF - World Economic Forum one of 3 most impactful technologies

Euronews chose Tekntrash as #1 greentech company to watch in 2021

Chosen to represent the UK at the Slush event in Finland
Alkol Biotech - CEO (Active)
Founded in 2010 in USA and Spain

Initially a service to convert petrol cars to ethanol with a system imported from Brazil (world leader in ethanol use) from Tury Industries.

However, the EPA legislation requested testing on every engine model, so model was impractical (valuable lesson learned).

Thus, the company switched to the development of GMO crops exclusively for the production of biomaterials and biofuels, and that proved succesful.

Currently Europe's only provider of sugarcane: a variety identified in Spain we called EUnergyCane
Kviar Music - CEO (Flopped)
Founded in 2001 in Brazil

Presented the project to major investors in Sand Hill Road such as Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Advent, etc., knocking in their doors and leaving BP

They showed interest but along came the RIAA - Recording Industry Association of America, suing everyone due to Napster, and they (understandably) changed their minds (valuable lesson learned there!)

Later became Brazil's 2nd largest music portal with over 30K MP3 songs

Developed a CD recording totem which allowed on the fly recording of customized CDs of our catalogue

Created a show called EiMePegue3 with Mayrton Bahia, the former CEO of Universal Music in the country

Finally, noticed we would make more money by selling MP3 players, so changed focus to the sale of innovative goods imported from China

Later came the 2009 crisis and sales went dry, so closed the company and moved to Spain
Osiris Consultoria em Sistemas - CEO (Sold)
Founded in 1995 in Brazil

Osiris was as an e-commerce consulting company, when people thought a simple webpage would made them rich.

I was a kid living with my parents and the office was in my bedroom: I did not even have a chair, it was my bed.

Invited by the spanish government to present the company in Spain (all expenses paid) and met a company called Visualcom which eventually purchased mine.

Later that company was sold to NASDAQ listed Fusion Networks, so I ended up with shares of a NASDAQ listed company for something which was in my bedroom.

Published album using AI to generate music

I play the keyboards and currently have a Casio VZ-1, a Samick KK1, a Novation Xio 49, and a Technics EX60 organ

And I published an album called Calabi-Yau, based on string theory and probably the only AI generated album in the world

In fact, string Theory is an attempt to reconcile General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics into a "Theory of Everything". It claims the world is actually made of 10 dimensions, 6 of which "coiled up" to infinitesimal levels during the Big Bang, leaving us with the 4 (3 plus time) which we can see.

As modern as it may sound, Kabbalah, and concretely Rabbi Isaac Luria, taught in 1500 that God emanated from His infinite ten Divine lights or powers through which He created the universe. Each of these ten powers ("Sefirot") can be understood to be a dimension of reality, and they are all interconnected in what is called "The Tree of Life". Here, also, 6 Sefirot are invisible and 4 are visible, plus many more matching numbers.

In fact, the statistical probability of having the numerous similarities between Kabbalah and string theory occur by chance is nearly impossible and this album celebrates that. Thus, each track is named after a Sefirot, and its name comes from the Calabi-Yau topological space created by mathematicians Eugenio Calabi and Shing-Tung Yau which was able to show how this 10-dimension space would look like, as the picture shows.

Finally, modern AI allows computers to create songs with surprising beauty, and this may very well be the worlds first attempt to create an album entirely composed by a computer. To this end, a system is trained with tracks of the kind one wishes to create, and Machine Learning algorithms creates them based on that data. This is a project which I had around for over 10 years, but only now it finally found the tools to create it.

You can listen to the album at SoundCloud

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